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About Us

Uplift Mutuals is the flagship programme of Uplift India Association that brings mutual aid solutions to low income families on the twin principles of mutuality- solidarity and collective responsibility.

Born out of the health protection needs of self help group women in 2003, the mutual model designed by Uplift model has over 200,000 lives covered in India.

Its one of a kind of a programme where low income families share and manage their own health risk in a systematic way similar to how insurance works.

The Mutual model developed by Uplift is suited for Self Help Groups, Cooperatives and any community that wishes to come together to share and own and manage its risks.

Uplift India Association is a not for profit company and was registered in 2004 with registration number
CIN U85320 PN2004 NPL019977 and got a permanent FCRA number 083930658 

To get a glimpse of the Uplift Mutuals model watch our latest educational video .