the Client Value people : an ISO 9001:2008 institution

Setting up a Mutual

Uplift helps communities organize and setup Mutuals.

Uplift provides the following services to Organizations wanting to support or develop directly Mutuals

  • Feasibility/Scoping Study
  • Audit/ Evaluation Studies
  • Product Design
  • Operational Setup and associated trainings
  • Management Information Systems for Mutuals
  • Governance Design for Mutuals and Trainings
  • Client Education Tools
  • Health Network Support including 24X7 Helpline for Health Mutuals


With whom do we prefer to partner?

Uplifts gives priority to those organisations or institutions who agree on the following

  • Recognition of the fact that communities can pool and manage risks with proper guidance
  • Recognize community ownership and decision making and support it
  • Promotion of democratic governance
  • Process oriented
  • Diligence in accounts and legal matters
  • Sharing of resources,knowledge and practices, open source