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From 2016 onward , Uplift reviewed its operational model and decided to move on from the BOTL model Build Operate Own model  named UPLIFT BIRADAREE where it would hold the risk for the first time. This was done so that any willing community could join Uplift and participate into risk sharing without having to set it up. This would make it possible to non micro finance organisations, groups to join the Uplift model which was hitherto out of access to them.

Now any group, community member based organisation can join the the mutual movement without having to set it up by themselves

Uplift has now two partners in Mumbai and one in Pune as part of these new model.

Premseva Mahila Credit Cooperative(Mumbai)  Premseva is a small sized credit cooperatives run by women for women in Santacruz area of Mumbai. They provide  varied types loans to their women members for improving their livelihoods. Led by Sister Shakuntala, they were the first organisation to join the centralized model of Uplift Biradaree and have their representatives on the Member Benefit Committee.


Sahjeevan Mahila Credit Cooperative Society  another women's credit cooperative in Thane is the other organisation that has decided to join Uplift Biradaree with their members.